You Can’t Go Wrong With Nature: Be Lean and Agile to Survive

Having been frequently inspired by the flora and fauna we are surrounded by, we have figured out ingenious ways to solve problems we’ve been facing. So, what does make the nature a perfect influence resource for the best practices? It can be argued that the concept underlying is the continuous adaptation.

Sport Industry Going Agile

Evolution of analytics has fostered inspection opportunities and fortified transparency for the teams. As a result, learning from experience and making adjustments accordingly have become easier comparing with the past. In this article, you are going to find notions about professional sport teams’ convergence to agile frameworks for managing their processes.

PSM I Exam Tips

If you are not planning to register a course for PSM I exam you may need to find proper study resources including sample quizzes, books, articles and forum discussions. Banding those resources together in a single platform to facilitate your self-preparation is the underpinning reason for this post.